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About Dr. Svetlana Perry, DDS

Meet Dr. Svetlana Perry


Having practiced dentistry for the past 20 years, Dr. Perry has not only become exceptionally skillful at her profession, but has also grown more passionate about the work she performs. "A trip to the dentist is routinely depicted as an unpleasant ordeal, but my focus is to make the experience a positive one," says Dr. Perry. "I like to get to know my patient and keep them informed at each step of the procedure. I work to establish a doctor-patient partnership throughout the treatment."

At Perry Dentistry, the entire team strives to create a secure, caring atmosphere where the goal is to keep discomfort is to a minimum. "Each operatory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, making my work more precise. The amenities for the patients, such as movies, makes their visit more relaxing," explains Dr. Perry.

"One delightful benefit of this profession is that I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people here in McKinney," she continued. "We appreciate how we have been graciously welcomed into the community."

Residing in McKinney, Texas with her family, Dr Perry established her private practice here in 2011. Her educational background is lengthy, concluding with a DDS from Indiana University School of Dentistry. Serving in Indianapolis, Indiana as a dentist, she and her family felt the tug toward Texas. After arriving in Dallas, Dr. Perry served as a dentist for a few years before taking the plunge and starting her own private practice here in McKinney. As with any new business, there is a great deal of hard work to get it up and operational. Heavily participating in the design of her office and each step in the installation of the dental equipment, she had the joy of seeing Perry Dentistry come to life right before her eyes. She personally designed the layout with the goal of creating an office that projected a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. She first opened her doors in Fall of 2011 and has not looked back.

While her professional life centers exclusively on dentistry, she also enjoys travel, and spending time with her family - which now includes three friendly energetic dogs.

You are invited to call or stop by to set up an appointment or just drop in to get to know us, says Dr. Perry.

Customer Service Focused

The Perry Dentistry team is focused on informing the patient start to finish on everything  from payments, procedures,  and health concerns.  We realize that dental care is all encompassing. Dental care is a life long health concern. Solid oral care and permanent practical strategies must be in place and communicated properly. 

We pride ourselves on compassion, professionalism, friendliness, and high tech procedures. We want to serve families and the community in North Texas for generations. We are consistently making advancements in our technology and continually  reviewing our procedures to provide state of the art dental care. Our staff is thoroughly versed and updated in all the latest medical knowledge. Our staff attends all O.S.H.A. seminars and relentlessly updates our operational procedures and practices. Continuing education is a top priority for Dr. Perry

We are conveniently  located just North of West Eldorado Pkwy in McKinney, Texas  next to Market Street!!

Please fill free to email or call us to let us how we can better serve you.

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